In today's fast moving and fast changing world, it is even more essential to reach the point of stillness and calm that lies at the center of every person. Like a garden that needs care and regular attention to maintain its natural beauty, the mind also thrives when we learn how to attend to our thoughts. Clarity and balance in our thinking result in a wealth of contentment and well-being.

Eventspeople1A One Day or an Afternoon Retreat provides an opportunity to step off the conveyor belt of life and spend time in a peaceful and spiritual atmosphere, to reflect upon and explore the important factors governing our everyday experience. These include self identity, the basis of real inner power; and the art of creating and maintaining harmony in our relationships.

Experienced facilitators will offer insights and instruction into the art of learning for life. These Seminars or Workshops will take up different topics that will introduce some techniques in Raja Yoga meditation as well as look at the practical application of spirituality in daily life. You can also take walks on the promenade by the sea. Spend one day or an half day to re-treat yourself to the treasures of your spirit.