webyouthPerhaps the greatest need of our time is to return occasionally to solitude and silence, away from our continuous activities as human doings, to see what it is like to be a human being.

This is also a journey away from outer distractions towards the tranquillity and peace which lies at the core of our being.

Our retreats provide tools with which to understand how thoughts can be our best friend instead of our worst enemy. Individuals learn to empower themselves by connecting with the Source and to improve the quality of life by discovering the deep secrets of the laws of cause and effect.
Each retreat is an opportunity to explore the deepest insights into the true nature of our being, review the purpose of our life, and to learn practical methods to sustain calm and clarity in everyday living.

All the retreats are led by experienced facilitators and teachers of meditation. They give their time freely to help others see the inner changes which are necessary to cultivate a deeper contentment, and a greater joy, in an often chaotic world.