Lighthouse Retreat Centre, 99 Marine Parade, Worthing, BN11 3QF, West Sussex
Circle of Light

Circle of Light,  a monthly meeting for those 60ish and over…. 


Next Programme ~ Thursday 27th June

10.00am to 12.00noon


June's topic: "Patience is a virtue, Posses it if you can, Sometimes found in a woman, Never found in a man"



The Circle of Light began its journey on the suggestion of Dadi Janki in August 2011 and we ran the first meeting in November 2011. We meet once a month on a Thursday morning from 10.00-12.00. The morning sessions create a space for those around 60 and over to come together and explore in depth deep spiritual truths, with their own peer group in a relaxed and easy setting. Some of the topics that have been covered so far are: karma, reincarnation, death and dying, what is real happiness, creating a vision for the self, understanding thoughts, and many more.

The monthly topics are chosen by the group themselves, which is open to anyone who has attended the Raja Yoga course as a further development to their spiritual journey.