In the heart of Worthing, overlooking the sea, The Lighthouse Retreat Centre offers a perfect location to easily and accessibly step away from the frantic pace of modern living and rediscover inner peace.

Guests have taken benefit from its tranquil atmosphere and the spiritual wisdom that is shared here in courses, events, seminars, one-day and half day retreats and talks since January 2005.

The inspiration to acquire the property came from Dadi Janki, the overall Head of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University UK.

house1The houses and their beautiful location took Dadi Janki back 70 years to her early days living with founding members of the organisation near the seafront in Karachi, then part of India. She wanted others to have experiences similar to those that had inspired the formation of the spiritual university and its work all those years ago.

The purchase of the buildings went ahead, and after extensive renovations opened as The Lighthouse Retreat Centre.

Finding the buildings came about through a property writer, a close friend of the organisation, who had heard that these two large interconnected houses were for sale. The houses had previously formed part of the Cumberland Hotel in Marine Parade just opposite the sea shore.