Lighthouse Retreat Centre, 99 Marine Parade

  Many things happen throughout our lives and it is how we respond to these situations that determines the quality of our experience.  Developing inner strength is the key to acquiring the ability to manage and deal with life's challenges.    This retreat will explore the strategies needed to increase our inner strength as we move through these challenges knowing that we have the power within us to overcome them.

Facilitator: Marguerite Byrne

  Marguerite’s background encompasses spirituality, education and psychotherapy. The creation of peace and harmony within and in the wider community is a priority for her, realising that lasting peace can only come from a change of heart and attitude. Marguerite has been practising Raja Yoga meditation for 12 years which constantly supports her in daily life. She has a deep interest in the practical application of spiritual values and and shares them with joy, enthusiasm and spontaneity.


There are currently no planned dates.